i am not taking my pants off for scotland
Fortune Teller
Marketa Irglova  -  MUNA
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Markéta Irglová | Fortune Teller

Guardian of a secret? Temple fire keeper? 
A truth protector? A dream collector? 
Or is simply being yourself satisfying enough?
Maybe all you dream of keeping is one true love. 

Mindy Kaling for Instyle magazine, October 2014

Hideaway (Kiesza cover)
Ben Howard
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Ben Howard - Hideaway (Kiesza cover II Radio 1 Live Lounge) x

came in from devil’s weather dressed like a 12 year old /after/ a bag of ice half-melted all over my lap. incoherent. went back out for hudson to pee. ran into j crew model looking neighbor with bb labrador. of course. 

The first time I found out about the story line was when I walked into a wardrobe fitting and there was a prison uniform hanging on the rack. I said to our costume designer, “That doesn’t look like a suit.”

it’s important to acknowledge cary agos’ deep distress in this moment
it’s v important to acknowledge scruffy czuchry in this moment
blessed narratively and facially amen

Power, on this show, is appealing. It makes those who have it appealing. And this simple but potent formulation is enough to fill its world with all the moral impasses, impossible choices, and slippery slopes a TV show could ever need. Its extremely smart characters regularly cross the line, not because they are monsters, but because they are human. There is no show on TV with a darker message than that.
The Good Wife is cynical, thrilling, and grown-up. It’s also TV’s best drama.
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